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Official Statement concerning case of Mr. Davy Ang

We, the Philippine Ornamental Fish Exporters' Association (POFEA), heard of the arrest of Mr. Davy Ang on January 9, wherein he was allegedly caught in illegal possession and trade of live corals.

The POFEA is shocked and saddened that an officer no less, of our association would engage in these illegal acts. We respect everyone's right to due process, therefore his company AIMPI is hereby placed under temporary suspension of its POFEA membership, and pending the outcome of the investigation, will be subject to automatic expulsion, if found guilty.

Any illegal acts committed by individual members are singular acts done of their own volition, against express reminders of the POFEA to always abide by the law. These do not in any way represent the Association as a whole. Although we all belong the same organization, the POFEA is not a monitoring body and we, like everyone else, rely on proper law enforcement to counter these clandestine, criminal acts. We do not, will not & cannot assist any members facing criminal case or investigation. We commend DA-BFAR, DENR and NBI for their efforts to combat illegal activities.

We all respect the law and we strongly condemn all illegal acts. These laws are in place for a reason: to protect the environment and promote sustainability. Our association would like to remind all members to abide by the law at all times and submit to government authorities.

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