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Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA)
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) is a non-profit making organization that provides information to, and represents the interests of, the ornamental fish industry. OATA promotes training for pet fish keepers and businesses through home study courses.

Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA)
A non-profit organization presently comprised of approximately 23 aquarium societies and several individual hobbyists across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. MASNA supports the development of hobby endorsed standards for husbandry and importation of marine organisms, as well as standards for their handling, shipping and holding.

World Wildlife Fund - Philippines
WWF-Philippines, also known as Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas (KKP), is an organization whose goal is the conservation of biodiversity, focused sharply on that of the sea.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Known worldwide by its panda logo, WWF is dedicated to protecting the world's wildlife and wildlands. It is the largest privately supported international conservation organization in the world.

Lynn Funkhouser Photography
stock photos and personal web page of Lynn Funkhouser, internationally published photographer, author and environmentalist. Specializing in underwater photography, environmental photography, travel photography and nature photography. Lots of fish pictures!