tropical marine fish

Philippine Tropical Fish Exporters Association

Is collecting marine ornamental fish legal?

National Law - There are no national law prohibiting the collection of non-endangered marine ornamental fish. RA10654 sec. 102 prohibits " Fishing or Taking of Rare, Threatened or Endangered Species" such as those listed in CITES Appendix 1,2,3.

Local Law - Under the Local Government Code, the local government can decide whether or not to allow collection of marine ornamental fish in their areas. Many areas allow collection of ornamental fish with proper permits issued by the mayor, sometimes with the coordination of the BFAR.

Is exporting marine ornamental fish legal?

Yes, it is governed by the DA-BFAR & BOC.
RA10654 Sec. 104 "Prohibits Exportation of wild caught Breeders, Spawners, Eggs or Fry." This covers cat shark eggs.

Is collecting corals legal?

No. it is illegal to collect coral UNLESS for scientific or research purpose (with proper permits from BFAR).

RA10654 - Sec. 96 - Ban on Coral Exploitation and Exportation. - It shall be unlawful for any person or corporation to gather, possess, commercially transport, sell or export ordinary, semi-precious and precious corals, whether raw or in processed form, except for scientific or research purposes. It shall also be unlawful for any person, corporation or entity to commit any activity that damage coral reefs.

Is selling corals legal?

No, it is illegal to sell coral UNLESS for scientific or research purpose (with proper permits from BFAR) (same law as RA10654, Sec. 96)