tropical marine fish

Philippine Tropical Fish Exporters Association

A brief background on Philippine Reefs

The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of more than 7,000 islands.  Its tropical climate combined with 27,000 kilometers of coastlines have given it one of the world's most beautiful coral reefs.  This underwater paradise has a total area of 27,340 square miles, and houses over 400 species of corals, at least 5,000 species of shells and more than 2,000 species of fishes.  Many of these species are endemic to the Philippines.

History of Philippine marine live tropical fish (LTF) industry:

Hundreds of thousands of fisher folks have lived along the Philippine coastlines for generations, and are dependent upon the sea as their sole source of livelihood through fishing. There are different kinds of fishing activities, and the collection of live marine tropical aquarium fishes is one of them. This gave rise to the marine live tropical fish (LTF) industry, which engages in the capture and collection of tropical aquarium fishes for export to the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East and around Asia. Currently this industry comprises of more than 30 exporters, and it has been existing for more than 35 years. It is estimated that the bulk of the commercially marketed marine fishes are supplied by this important industry. The collection of reef fishes is accomplished by organized fishermen who have been trained to use the prescribed fine meshed barrier nets provided by the Philippine Tropical Fish Exporters Association (PTFEA) and concerned NGOs.