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Philippine Tropical Fish Exporters Association

A brief background on the Philippine Tropical Fish Exporter's Association (PTFEA):

    In 1984, a concerned group of tropical fish exporters who realized that other unethical individuals are taking advantage of our country's reefs, established the Philippine Tropical Fish Exporters Assn. (PTFEA). They wanted to ensure that there is a high standard in the industry and that all marine fishes exported by its member companies are of the highest quality and that it is caught through environment friendly, responsible fishing methods.
    The PTFEA is the only association in the fishing industry that initiated and maintains programs for training & educating fisher folks. It is dedicated to the development of aquarium fish collecting by using legal techniques and to the preservation & rehabilitation of endangered reefs.

Past Activities

    In the mid-1980s, Mr. George Blasiola, then PIJAC president, headed a cyanide fact finding mission in the Philippines. The mission was composed of several wholesalers and dealers. They were assisted by Richard Ty, the first PTFEA president. The mission found that there were generally no cyanide use in the Philippines. Although, there were isolated cases of cyanide users who were either food fish fishermen or fish suppliers to non-member exporters.
    In March 1996, PTFEA and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) signed a covenant to promote the rehabilitation of fish homes and coral reefs and eliminate illegal ways of fishing. The PTFEA celebrated the occasion by donating several thousand meters of nets to BFAR, which further affirms their commitment to this covenant.

Pictured above are PTFEA president Lolita Ty and 1996 BFAR Director Dennis Auraullo signing the covenant.

PTFEA Members during the oath taking, presided by BFAR Director Dennis Auraullo at BFAR Office

PTFEA Members during the oath taking, presided by BFAR Director Dennis Auraullo at BFAR Office

What we are doing now

    In all the aquarium fish exporting countries in South East Asia, only the Philippines, through PTFEA and other active non-government organizations (NGOs), is involved in the preservation of its coral reef resources. Ever since PTFEA was organized, its members have pushed for the importance of environment first before the business aspects. Up to this day, we have not stopped in our efforts to promote net fishing by free training and free nets and equipment to fishermen who supply PTFEA's members.

PTFEA Members pose with BFAR Chief Inspector Philip Sta.Maria during net donation ceremony one of the recepients

PTFEA Members pose with BFAR Chief Inspector Philip Sta.Maria during net donation ceremony,
and other picture shows one of the recepients.

    Our association is also committed to uplifting the living standard of our fishermen. Our members have always given financial support to their fish suppliers, not only for the fishing operations, but also for emergency situations, medical expenses, and donations in times of sorrow. The association actively participates in local community assistance projects, like donations of medicine, food and other vital supplies for disaster victims, typhoon victims and the like.

Our future plans

    The PTFEA plans to create a scholarship fund for the deserving children and grandchildren of its suppliers and fishermen. The PTFEA also plans community building activities that will help establish upgraded holding facilities for its suppliers
    We will continue to update ourselves on the latest development in the industry, especially concerning the environmental issues. We plan to actively cooperate with all environmentally concerned local and international organizations now and in the future.